+27639628658~ Prayer or mantra to get Health pregnant In Durban -Cape town- Bloemfontein -Pietermaritzburg.

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NO SIDE EFFECT PREGNANCY SPELL TO MAKE YOU GIVE (BIRTH OR CHILD) Tel +27639628658 Prayer or mantra to get Health pregnant IN Durban -Cape town- Bloemfontein -Pietermaritzburg

There are several baby spells that are used for fertility issues. While you can cast the spell by yourself, it’s fitting for a couple to perform the ritual together. Your combined love and positive energies will make your spell more powerful. Read through the spells and decide which one best fits your current circumstances. Step One: Preparation for Casting Your Spell You’ll need to gather the necessary supplies and items to cast your candle pregnancy spell. These should be set up and ready for you as soon as you finish the preparation of the room. Smudge the Room You need to light a white candle to set the intent of clearing negative energies. Smudging the room clears a room of negative energies. It is done with the burning sage or other incense. You’ll carry the burning sage or incense around the room, pausing at each corner to wave the smoke deeper into the corners. Prayers, Chants or Mantras. You will repeat one or more prayers, chants or mantras while smudging the room. Once you’re satisfied the negative energy or entities are no longer in the room, you’ll evoke the white light to fill the cleared space. You can pray or chant: “I invite pure divine white light to fill this room and close the circle against benevolent spirits and entities. Only spirits and beings of divine love and light are invited and can enter. Step Two: Create a Circle of Protection Once you sense all the negative energy is gone, you need to open a circle for your spellwork. This is a circle of protection and is a vital step in all spellwork. This practice ensures only malevolent spirits answer your call and are allowed to enter within your circle of light and protection. Types of Circles of Protection. There are several methods for creating a circle of protection. Some practitioners prefer to create a circle using salt on the floor while reciting a prayer or chant/mantra. You can also make up your own prayer or mantra. Other spellworkers prefer creating a circle or bubble of white light that encapsulates them is the ideal method. To create this protection, simply visualize a bubble of white light encasing the room above the ceiling, outside the walls and underneath the floor for a true bubble of protection. Step Three: Casing Your Baby Spell, Remember that a spell is a ritual created by you for this specific purpose. Always choose a place where you feel safe, protected, loved, and happy for performing this and any other spellwork. Use one you write yourself or try a candle spell for pregnancy or a spell for infertility. Spellcasting Energy and Personal Energy Spellcasting is a highly personal undertaking. You want to be in a good frame of mind when undertaking a spell. Your personal energy infuses to combine with the magic power behind the spell. If you’re desperate in your longing for a child, this can negatively impact the spellwork. Wait until you’re in a better emotional space to perform the spell. Inviting a Soul into Your Life. A pregnancy spell is an invitation to a soul waiting to be born into this world. Be specific about the type of soul you wish to be under your care. Make sure the image you portray to this soul is comforting, loving, inviting, happy, and full of love, otherwise, you may invite the wrong soul into your life. Below are three original spells that you can use. Step Four: Close the Circle. One you finish your spell you need to close the circle. There are many ways to close a circle just as there are to open one. If you used salt and performed your spell inside this physical circle, you will thank God, angels, guides, or spirits you addressed when first opening the circle. Repeat “Thank you” three times. You can also end with a prayer, chant or mantra. For a salt circle use your foot to break the circle, sweep up the salt and bury it. For the bubble of protection, simply thank your protectors. For each method state out loud that you close the circle. Candle Pregnancy Spell Example. You can create this fertility spell with a few simple ingredients and supplies, easily found online or at your local metaphysical or herb store. A candle spell is always very powerful and the best way to focus your energy and intent. Gather Your Supplies. The first thing you want to do is gather all the necessary supplies and ingredients. If you’re an accomplished spellcaster, you can substitute various ingredients. However, if you’re a novice or new to casting a spell, it’s best to follow the spell as given.
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